Nov 9, 2016

Write Pack Rule #11 - Submit

Fedora Amis and the Write Pack explore how to submit work for publication and celebrate Bram Stoker’s birthday.
• How do you find the places to submit your work to?
• How can you find out who are in the publishing industry?
• What can we learn from Bram Stoker?

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Write Pack Rule #11 - Submit your writing.

Please note that you don't HAVE to submit. It's perfectly fine to write for youself and no one else.

However, if your goal is publication, here are the steps to follow:

• Write query letters and prepare materials according to publisher and agent instructions
• Prepare ancillary and promotional materials (blurb, bio, synopsis, logline, website, pitch.), and above all, be confident and persistent.

• We also celebrate Bram Stoker and his enduring legacy of the vampire, its continuing appeal and its deeper significance.