Feb 21, 2018

SinC Education Grant

If you could use some free money to help with writing related conferences, classes and workshops, this grant is for you.  Better yet, our grant-writer pro Jeremy Kane has offered to help with your grant application.
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 Education Grant Opportunity

 February 16, 2018

Dear M.,

We are very excited about this new benefit for our members!

Have you ever thought about attending a writer’s conference? Does your
local community college offer creative writing classes? Have you wanted
to take one of the online Gotham Writers workshops? But cost was an

SinC wants to help, by giving you $150 - that’s cold hard cash - for
writing education!

SinC will award grants to at least 100 members in 2018 on a first-apply,
first-served basis.

Below are the important details. There’s more fine print on our
website [2]. You can apply starting March 1. So start planning now!

WHO IS ELIGIBLE? You must submit a grant application and receive
approval. Must be a current member of SinC, and must have been a member
for three consecutive years. The grant can be used in the third year.
Example: Member joins SinC in 2016. She can apply for a grant to be used
in 2018, as long as she is also a dues-paying member in 2017 and 2018.
Lifetime members can use the benefit immediately upon paying their
lifetime dues.

HOW OFTEN CAN I RECEIVE A GRANT? Every five years of continuous

WHEN ARE FUNDS DISBURSED? After the workshop, class, or conference.

WHAT IF I CANCEL? A grant application can be cancelled at any time, and
doesn’t count against the “every five years” requirement.

If the grant amount is less than $150, can a member apply for another
one to use the “balance”? No. The member must wait another five
years to apply for another grant.

WHEN CAN A MEMBER APPLY? Applications will be accepted starting March 1,
2018 for education grants to be used in 2018.  We will send out a
reminder email on March 1st with the link to apply.

pre-selected list from which members can choose [3], and will include
opportunities such as:


Conferences with an education focus. Talks on craft, pitch sessions with
publishers and agents, critiques, master classes

Programs specifically geared toward subject-matter knowledge.

Workshops or classes on the craft and business of writing.

Established SinC chapter classes, workshops and conferences.

WHAT ABOUT WRITERS POLICE ACADEMY? WPA is a special case. In 2018, SinC
will subsidize up to 100 members who are first-time attendees to WPA,
with a block grant to WPA that reduces their registration cost by $150.
If a member registers for 2018 WPA and thereby takes advantage of that
$150 subsidy, that will count as her educational grant for 2018, and she
won’t be eligible for another grant until 2023 after five consecutive
years of SinC membership. In 2019, instead of the block grant, WPA will
go on the list of approved educational opportunities so members can
apply for an individual grant to attend WPA.

We expect a FLOOD of applications, so line up your writing education for
2018 and look for the next Eblast.

If you have any questions, email us at EdGrantTeam@sistersincrime.org.

Your membership expires on .

Our mission is to promote the ongoing advancement, recognition and
professional development of women crime writers.

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